A few of my views

Everyone holds views, and whilst labels (such as "Catholic") can lead to overgeneralization and false understandings, views and labels are nonetheless an important part of people. So here are some of my thoughts on various topics:

With respect to ethics, I work within what I have labelled  framework of "Generalized Utility Utilitarianism" (or GUU). I explained, very briefly, that position here:

Why I am a Utilitarian and a Catholic

When it comes to theology, I think the only topic where I have sketched my views are ecclesiology, in my reflection on the late Jesuit Avery Dulles' book Models of the Church:

A Sketch of my Ecclesiology - Reflection on "Models of the Church" by Avery Dulles

In a sense, I also gave a brief of my view on how to do theology itself, or a "theology of theology:"

Doctrines qua Data

In a very similar vein to GUU and the "theology of theology," I have sketched my own theory of epistemic justification, where I take what I have labelled a "Christian reliabilist" perspective:

Reason, Experience, and Christianity

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